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Tube Drawing Lubricants Advanced lubricants for wire and tube drawing

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Tube Drawing Lubricants have designed advanced lubricants which give truly outstanding performance when drawing stainless steel tube, copper tube, aluminium tube. This advanced technology has also been applied to wire drawing lubricants and we have made significant advances in this area over the last few year.

Superdraw STPSL

This polymer enhanced, lubricant utilises the most advanced technology we have devised. The drawing performance on hard to draw stainless steel is truly outstanding. The incorporation of special synergists and a water soluble solid lubricant have given improvements in performance of more than 100% compared to our previous best in class product. One factory adopting this fluid has been able to increase drawing speeds by a factor of 2 and in some cases as much as 5 times. The implications for productivity are obvious.  

Superdraw CUWE50

This water-mix copper wire drawing lubricant was designed to overcome the common problems associated with traditional water-mix lubricants.

Designed to give excellent cleanliness on the copper wire, to have trouble free low maintenance performance, to be bio-stable without the constant addition of biocides.

The product gives superb multi-wire lubrication.

Bespoke Lubricants

We design lubricants to optimise customers operations. This tailoring of products has enables customers to enhance productivity by reducing processes, reducing the time to make products, improve the flow of material in a factory.

We have chlorine-free technology, water soluble (oil-free) technology with enhanced performance, chlorinated technology based on ultra-long chain length chlorinated paraffin.

We have moved away from medium chain chlorinated paraffin on health and safety and transport grounds.

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